2016-2017 Officers

M.I. Kevin T. Christians
Grand Master

Arch Masters

Arch Master Jewel

District 1 John M. Klaus
District 2 Shane A. Harshbarger
District 3 Kevin Smith
District 4 Ike Rayford
District 5 Benjamin J. Mayer
District 6 Osumana Cassell

Deputy Grand Master Wade E. Sheeler
Grand Principal Conductor of the W. Charles Smithson
Grand Treasurer Benjamin J. Mayer
Grand Recorder Rusty L. Hill
Grand Recorder Emeritus Robert J. Seiler
Deputy Grand Recorder Richard L. Bowersox, MIPGM
Grand Chaplain Ryan Reid
Grand Captain of the Guard Shane A. Harshbarger
Grand Conductor of the Council Kevin Smith
Grand Steward John M. Klaus
Grand Sentinel Osumana Cassell
Grand Marshall Ike Rayford
Grand Organist Rick N. McCampbell, MIPGM